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This is one of those “million-dollar questions” that no one ever really has an answer to. Everyone wants a timeline but there’s not really a way to pin one down until a project is bid on, budgeted, planned, and ready to go to the final approval before work starts.

Design-Build streamlines and reduces the project-related responsibilities of the owner while also reducing the owner’s risk and encouraging more collaboration between project team members. The owner will choose one entity to handle the design and construction teams.

This entity (the design-builder) holds all contracts and serves as the main point of contact for the various partners, subcontractors, and vendors. The owner generally experiences fewer change orders, a reduced administrative burden, lower overall project costs, and fewer disputes that result in litigation. 

Just like your project’s duration, cost will vary greatly with project’s size and complexity. Once you have determined which delivery method you are planning to utilize, you will be able to start narrowing down the cost range.

With design-build or negotiated contract methods, you will select your partner and then begin to work together to develop the scope of work before gathering pricing details from subcontractors to create the total budgeted cost. One benefit of these methods is that you have greater opportunities to value engineer and find ways to maximize your project’s value while being mindful of your budget.

Yes. The vast majority of our jobs include us sourcing all materials, handling all personnel and ensuring the project is completed to the highest standard. This is inclusive in our service. Our experience has shown that customers who attempt to project manage multiple tradesman and sourcing materials themselves more often than not turns into a false economy with no savings and increased overall costs. You will have a much better experience contracting a company to complete your project from start to finish.

Yes. We do with this most prospective customers. During the time frame of a project being completed, we build excellent relationships with our customers. They are usually delighted to show you the projects/work we have completed for them.

We have found that sometimes the preconceived ideas and plans don’t quite meet the reality of the budget and occasionally there might be construction issues that do not get thoroughly identified until later into the quoting or construction process leading to financial and time expenditure.

Therefore by involving your Builder from the very beginning and throughout the design process we have found that many of these issues can be easily resolved, discussed and planned for in the initial stages, leading to a smoother and shorter build process in the long run and a design specifically tailored to your budget requirements.

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