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At RUPA Civil & Construction Services Limited, we put the "special" into specialty contracting services because of the personal attention and touch we give to each and every commercial project, big or small. Our customers have come to rely on us for all aspects of their construction needs because we are focused on earning customers for life and not just the next project on the schedule.

General Constructing

We have over 6 years of experience building General Construction projects. Ask RUPA Civil & Construction Services Limited for a fixed price or add us to your list of bidders, and you can rest assured that you will receive a great price reflecting the best value for your project.


Civil Works

We design & control the supervision of the civil engineering components of building projects.


Material Supply

At RUPA we have an ear on real-time trade or wholesale prices of construction materials & can readily advise you on where to procure materials at competitive prices without compromising on quality.


Design & Build

At RUPA we fully understand this, and that is why we have packaged our “New Build Services” to be all-inclusive. From initial consultations with a client (brief) generation of architectural drawings or plans and visualization of the interior or exterior spaces before committing resources to actualize them.


Structural Design

Rupa Contractors has proven expertise in the design and construction supervision of structural elements for a wide scope of building and infrastructure development projects. State-of-the-art structural engineering design software is utilized.



We are well-skilled and knowledgeable in both residential and commercial plumbing. Our highly skilled plumbers and technicians are confident that every job completed exceeds expectations. From emergency works to major plumbing renovations, and small or large projects, we have the right resources.

Steel Bar Reinforcement

Reinforcing steel bars are used to help concrete withstand tension forces. We will cut and bend the bar according to the bending schedules supplied by the customer. All bending schedules refer to the standard Shape Codes as per the construction requirements.


External Works & Landscaping

Whether part of a larger groundwork package or for the private individual, we can undertake hard and soft landscaping to suit most requirements. We have vast experience in completing external works to completed buildings and groundworks.


Painting And Decoration

Picture any room in your house and we can guarantee the walls didn’t figure heavily in your imagination. The truth is, we spend so much time worrying about what’s between them, fussing over fabrics and furniture and accessories, that we forget how impactful they can be.


Brick and natural stone walls have several uses outside the home. These walls can add a decorative touch to a lawn or garden and increase the functionality of the space. Before choosing brick, stone, or concrete, homeowners should look at the cost of those materials and other factors as well.


Excavation & Back Filling

Earthwork in excavation and backfilling of soil up to the required depth is required for the construction of foundation and trenches. The proper sequence of excavation and backfilling is required to optimize the process and prevent safety issues.


Interior & Exterior Decor

Our modular buildings can accommodate a wide range of external finishes either to match an existing facility or provide a unique architectural solution. We have a choice of options for External and internal wall finishes.

Site Supervision

We monitor the initial project set out on-site and the state of critical elements, such as foundation, structure, masonry, building systems, MEP, and finishes. We advise on the resolution of contingencies and unforeseen circumstances related to the construction process.


We are a full-service roofing contractor and provide roofing services to both commercial and residential clients. We are experienced in maintenance, service repairs, roof replacement, and new construction. We offer roof consultations and quotes.


Our team has experts related to every area of construction and that enables us to provide a complete range of services for any size of project.

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