Material Laboratory Testing

Concrete Testing -Fresh Concrete

  • Concrete compression-Cube/Cylinder crushing.
  • Concrete tensile
  • Shortcrete core compression
  • Hydraulic cement cubes
  • Trial batching
  • Concrete shrinkage
  • Building stone and Paving block testing.
  • Cor absorption
  • Making/casting concrete cubes on site
  • Consistency testing-slump cone
  • Concrete design and making & testing trial mix
  • Building stone and Paving block testing.
  • Rck UCS-Young moduli
  • Rock tri axial test
  • Road kerbs
  • Three point loading-Flecture

Non Destructive Testing Of Old Concrete

  • Schimidt hammer test-in situ strength
  • Re-bar locator – Sizespacing and concrete cover for reinforced concrete.
  • Ultrasonic sounding
  • Measurement of cracks

Aggregates Testing

  • CSieve analysis
  • Relative density & Water absorption
  • Flakinex Index
  • Aggregate Crushing Value
  • Aggregate Impact value
  • Loss Angeles Abbrassion
  • Ten per cent Fine Value
  • Average Lease Dimension
  • Sodium Sulahate soundness test
  • Alkali reactivity
  • Carbonation

Geophysical/Scanners -Field Test

  • Electrical tomography;
  • Wenner 4-pole Resistivity’
  • Ground penetration Rader,
  • Seismic analysis MSWA o A 24 channel PASI – nominal detonation
    velocity of 6000 m/s
  • Thermal resistivity –for pipe works
  • Generating/compiling Factual and detailed Engineering reports.
  • Geotechnical risk assessment. MFL tank floor scanners.
  • Advanced UT corrosion mapping system.
  • Ultrasonic
  • Ground scanner
  • Metal and Mineral scanners
  • In-situ test Pavement
  • Structural Audit-Integrity testing- visual,DCP on New & Old road
  • Sub grade number- DCP test on New & Old road alignments
  • Sub base ,Base and wearing course profile by Trial pit or pneumatic
  • Asphalt coring and determination of layer thickness

Soil Test

  • Classification
  • Compaction-Proctor
  • Modified compaction Neat & Stabilized
  • CBR Neat & Stabilized
  • Unconfined Compressive Strength Neat & Stablilised
  • Atterbergs limits
  • Sieve Analysis
  • Hydrometer test
  • Specific gravity
  • Shear box test
  • Tria xial tests-UU,CD,UD
  • Consolidation/Oedometr
  • Swell potential
  • Chemical test
  • Permeability-Constant & Falling head

Destructive Testing Of Concrete

  • Reinforced concrete coring and determination re bar thickness
  • Loading rest on Beams or slab.
  • Size & Density of steel
  • Tensile strength
  • Bending
  • Timber Moisture and Knod

Asphalt Testing

  • Marshal design and testing-Stability & Flow
  • Bitumen content
  • E extraction Gradation
  • Bulk Specific gravity
  • Gyratory compaction
  • Theoretical maximum density
  • Rock Material site investigation, sampling ,testing and quantification
  • Asphalt mix design and making & testing trial mix
  • Bitumen affinity

Geotechnical-Field Test

  • Scooping and site selection –Dam, Power line, Hydro sites etc
  • Desk study
  • Exploration drilling -Soft ground auger boring
  • Diamond core drilling down to 350m below ground level-Geotech&
    mineral exploration.
  • Drilling by reverse circulation down to 650m below ground level for ore
  • Installation of stand pipe and Piezometer
  • Cross hole and down hole profiling-Geophone and camera
    In-situ test -Foundation
  • SPT. CPTu, Vane shear, plate loading; DCPT, Pressure permeability-Parker test, Pressure meter;
  • Determination of Ground bearing capacity and associated settlements.
  • Lateral loading,Poison ratio,Young moduli of rock.
  • Offshore investigation including sea bed instrumentation..Bathetic survey
    and over water drilling
  • Geoenvironmental investigation

Water Test

  • Chemical test
  • Suspendent solids
  • Total dissolved Particles
  • Gradation of suspendend matter