Ground Stabilisation

In all construction projects, one can not juggle working on weak or volatile ground as this usually presents considerable challenges for soil stabilisation. But with Dochar at hand, worry no more  as we are acquainted with the technology and know-how in ground stabilisation not only to improves performance, but also to reduce costs and environmental impact of subgrade improvement too.

One of our ground stabilisation solution is a specifically controlled process whereby resin is injected into the ground to prevent movement, whilst not raising any of the existing slabs or structures.

By careful injection under low pressure, the resin flows into the pores of the ground, reacts with moisture, and then expands to further permeate the soils. Whilst this reaction is taking place, the resin does not have any significant structural substance and will not move the ground, making it ideal for use in sensitive environments.

Once the resin has reached it’s maximum expansion, the resin will continue to cure, eventually forming a mass of stabilised ground. This mass arrests the movement of water and fines within the soils, allowing for the excavation of underpins and foundations.

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